How Tortured Soul shaped deep vocal house

Tortured Soul’s new album will be out next Friday.
Tortured Soul’s new album will be out next Friday.

YOU cannot have a conversation about deep or soulful house without mentioning the Los Angeles-based group, Tortured Soul.

Over the past two decades they’ve championed live and soulful music and have gone on to shape how deep vocal house is received across the globe.

Despite the time difference, Tortured Soul’s John-Christian Urich took the time to hang out with us on this week’s edition of Famous Friday, to talk about their much-anticipated album Taking the Day Off, which will be released on 25 November.

“The title, I guess in a broad way, is about love because romance is not something you plan. But romance can be impulsive because if someone were to say to you, ‘Let’s take the day off’, you’d take a moment to think about it, and that’s where the concept came from,” explained John.

We asked how this album differs from their others and John cited a distinct musical difference. “There are a few more tracks on the album that are slower and down-tempo. So, the vibe is a little more laid back.”

John also excitedly shared who features on their album.

“There is a collaboration with Lisa Shaw, which was actually released a couple of years ago, but we’ve included it on this album. Then there’s one song with an artist called Saucy Lady and the name of that song is It’s Your Turn. Then there’s another song with an artist called Danielle Dandre, who’s an amazing singer from Australia.”

John also exclusively revealed that they will be in South Africa in December for their album tour.

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