'Famous inyanga's 'lizard' chowed my cow'!

King Bhaka pulling his neighbour’s dead cow out of the dam.
King Bhaka pulling his neighbour’s dead cow out of the dam.

CONTROVERSIAL inyanga, Zamokwakhe “King Bhaka” Nzama, is in trouble with his neighbour, Duma Shandu.

This after Shandu’s cow got stuck in the mud in King Bhaka’s dam and died.

The dam is situated in King Bhaka’s yard in Bilanyoni in Mid Illovo, KZN.

But villagers have been complaining about the dam since last year.

The dam is apparently also home to a large lizard.

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Shandu said his herd of cattle normally drink water at the dam.

“I’ve never experienced problems before, but I’ve always raised concerns about this dam. One of my neighbours saw one of my cows struggling to get out of the mud and raised the alarm.

“He tried to dig it out but it proved to be impossible. He called other neighbours, but they also failed to save it.”

He believes that something must have pulled the cow into the mud.

“Those who were trying to dig it out told me that something in the dam was also pulling the cow back into the mud.

“They felt unsafe and decided to leave it there,” said Shandu.

Shandu demanded damages from Bhaka.

“I also called him because I wanted him to see the damage. I explained to him that he is putting our lives and animals’ lives in danger, but he wouldn’t listen. He is stubborn,” said Shandu.

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King Bhaka said he met with Shandu and some of his neighbours.

“When they called me there was nothing I could do because it was already dead. Eventually we pulled it out. But I don’t understand why they’re angry because the cow died on my property. This means they were negligent. For this reason, I should be the one demanding damages from Shandu,” he said.

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