Lucky Dube's legacy kept alive!

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From left Thandi Radebe, Gabisile Mdluli and Tonique Phala. Photo by Aaron Dube
From left Thandi Radebe, Gabisile Mdluli and Tonique Phala. Photo by Aaron Dube

THE backup singers and dancers of the late reggae legend Lucky Dube continue to honour him.

The three women who worked with the reggae icon said they feel his presence every time they perform.

Thandi Radebe (70), Gabisile Mdluli (54) and Tonique Phala (60) have shaped the Togata Regae music.

Tonique said that people start crying when they sing Lucky Dube's songs and even when people see them.

"When people see us like this, they start crying because they say we remind them of Lucky," she said.

She said she worked with Lucky Dube for almost 20 years.

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Thandi said she worked with Lucky Dube for almost 15 years.

"What I miss most about him is his teachings, his love and his kindness," she said.

She said when she is on stage, she feels his presence.

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Gabisile said that they founded the group in 2021.

She said they formed the group because many people missed Lucky Dube and the women behind his band.

"We are reviving his spirit it was great to work with him. He was a brother, a friend and a father," she said.

Gabisile said she worked with him for almost 9 years.

The women from Joburg said they do reggae because it's a music that won't go out of touch.

She said they released a single called Believe it in 2021, the second single called Peace was released last year featuring Jah Seed from Bongo Maffin and the third was released this year in January called It was not easy.

Lucky Dube was killed by hijackers in Rosettenville in Joburg in October 2007.

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