Mafokate: I’m still shivering

Arthur Mafokate sets the record straight
Arthur Mafokate sets the record straight

“I’m still shivering”. This was said by the legendary kwaito star and businessman, Arthur Mafokate during his alleged “setting the record straight” interview on Youtube.

Mafokate has been accused of being of being on the wrong side of the law, this after the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) announced that they have preservation order against his luxurious house in Midrand, east of Johannesburg.

Mafokate said he is still shivering after being contacted by the SIU.

Instead of confirming that his house has indeed been frozen by the state, Mafokate said: “Can we give the SIU space to do their job.”

“That is why I am quiet. I had a case a case for three years and I did not say anything about it.” “I am a law abiding citizen I respect the law,” he said.

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The SIU has accused Mafokate of being part the long list of people who have been leeching on the National Lotteries Commission (NLC) funds.

SIU spokesman, Kaizer Kganyago said the SIU investigations in the affairs of the National Lotteries Commission (NLC) have revealed that five non-profit organisations (NPO) received grant funding of approximately R56,3 million for community development projects in South Africa. 

He said the SA Art and Development Association (SAADA), under the directorship of Mafokate, applied for grant funding to assist unemployed youth in poor and rural areas of the country to impart skills in music, business, video, film production, dance, and the business of radio in South Africa. 

According to SIU investigation portion of the money was used to pay Mafokate’s house.

But the “Mnike” hitmaker said the funding he got was used for what he applied for.

He said before he got the funding, he funded SAADA from his own pocket and when the government funded him, he was not going to continue to use his own money.

He said the organisation needed computers, an office, and cars to operate and those where the things he mentioned in his application form for funding.

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