Moshe Ndiki 'axed' from Gomora!

Moshe Ndiki’s been allegedly fired.  Photo from Instagram
Moshe Ndiki’s been allegedly fired. Photo from Instagram

IT seems the chickens have come home to roost for actor, Moshe Ndiki.

Last month, he was involved in a catfight with blogger, Musa Khawula, and Daily Sun reported the details of their fight.

Musa alleged that he was assaulted by Moshe and opened a case against him.

Gauteng police spokeswoman Dimakatso Sello confirmed the case against Moshe.

Now the People’s Paper has learnt that Moshe was allegedly fired from Gomora.

He played Andile Faku, a at teacher at Gomora High School, whose life was ruined by gambling.

Andile lost his lavish Sandton life and cushy private school.

A source said: “The production decided to fire him.

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“They felt he was bringing Gomora’s name into disrepute and as a result, they wrote off his character.”

Another source said according to Andile’s storyline, he has already been suspended from Gomora High school.

“His suspension is meant to be Moshe’s exit,” said the source.

A third source said: “At this stage, it is not clear if he will be coming back or not, but it’s very unlikely.

This is because viewers were already not happy with his acting skills.”

But writers loved him and they decided to keep him.”

Moshe joined Gomora in May and a number of viewers have expressed their disappointment in his acting skills.

Daily Sun approached Moshe to confirm or deny the allegations, but he said he prefered communicating via email.

An email was sent to him, but he failed to respond.

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Lulu Hela, one of the producers of Gomora, also refused to comment.

“The channel responds to the media.”

Director of Local Entertainment Channels at M-Net, Shirley Adonisi said: “Storylines often change and episodes are shot in advance.

“The Faku suspension storyline was in place prior to the fight between Moshe and Musa, thus it’s completely unrelated.

“At no point was it said the ‘suspension’ is permanent.”

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