Music duo brings hip-hop and amapiano together!

King Soul members said things have been going well for them since releasing a hit single.
King Soul members said things have been going well for them since releasing a hit single.

AMAPIANO and hip-hop duo King Soul have joined forces to bring a different sound that Mzansi has never heard. 

Busani Hlengethwa (33) and Thabiso Mthombeni (36) from Springs, Ekurhuleni, spoke to SunBuzz about how they ended up working together.  

Thabiso said he was a dancer and Busani a DJ. 

“We both discovered our passion for music which sparked our love for the entertainment industry. Since then, we've never looked back. 

"In 2022, we decided to pursue our love for music and took it to another level by signing with our record label called BPI Production," said Thabiso.   

But Busani said the journey hasn’t been easy.   

“Truth be told, the road hasn't been easy. We thank BPI Productions for being behind us and giving us an opportunity to share our talents with the world," he said. 

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The duo recently dropped a single titled Amabonda, and they're ready to drop a debut EP, called Uzobona.   

"Amabonda is a Zulu word meaning walls. In this instance, we are saying, at the groove you don’t have to dance with anyone as long as there’s a wall, dance on it. You don't need people to have fun, make your fun," said Thabiso.  

"The EP is named Uzobona which means 'you will see’. The project took about two months to complete, and this is through the commitment of the production team to the project.  

"We feel very blessed to have the opportunity to release this EP under BPI Production, because it's very close to my heart, as it’s the first. This will change our entire lives," said Busani.  


Thabiso said things have been going well for them since releasing their hit single. 

"We’ve grown so much in terms of followers and listeners. It's a dream come true to see our hard work being accepted by our people in this great way. It truly means a lot to us as King Soul.”  

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