Potso says he pays papgeld!

Potso Ngobese said his enemies are trying to destroy his name.
Potso Ngobese said his enemies are trying to destroy his name.

MASKANDI artist Khayelihle “Potso” Ngobese is not a happy man.

He believes that his enemies are trying to destroy his name.

This comes after a scammer claiming to be Nomfundo Dlamini, Potso’s baby mama, accused him of not maintaining their child

The scammer wrote on Facebook: “This man is refusing to pay child maintenance. The child is now seven years old and he has never paid a cent. I don’t know what to do any more.”

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The scammer also shared Potso’s photo. But the post has since been deleted.

Facebook users took turns insulting Potso for failing his child.

Potso told Daily Sun his enemies were behind the fake account.

“I’ve seen the post on Facebook and I was deeply hurt by such false accusations. I am a responsible father. I am there for my children and I take care of them,” he said.

“I know Nomfundo. We dated a long time ago and I have two children with her. I take care of our kids.

“When I saw the Facebook post, I immediately called her but she denied posting it. Judging from the post and comments, this is someone close to me. I think my enemies are trying to destroy me.”

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Nomfundo said she was not behind the post.

“Potso is the father of my kids and he’s taking care of them. I can’t complain.”

Nomfundo said she and Potso were on good terms and it was possible that someone close to him was trying to cause a fight between them.

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