Haibo: Queen Minaj has her virginity back!

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Queen Minaj says she is a born again virgin.
Queen Minaj says she is a born again virgin.

AFTER Queen Minaj's relationship ended in February, she deleted pictures of her and her ex boyfriend and also deleted his numbers.

But she still didn't get any closure. 

So when the controversial Minaj, whose real name is Lonia Makua, heard that one can get their punani tightened, she thought this might be the closure she needed.

So when a doctor approached the 23-year-old from Burgersfort in Limpopo, she didn't hesitate to do the procedure.

And in an exclusive interview with Daily Sun, Minaj revealed that she is now a pure virgin. 

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Minaj, who is popularly known for going out in public in just her underwear, said a new partner will not even be able to know that she was once sexually active as she even struggled to insert a finger in her own punani. 

She said she is now saving her born again virginity for a good partner.


“I broke up with my ex boyfriend because he lived far from me and the long distance was not working out,” she said. 

She said when the doctor approached her, she took this as a opportunity to become pure. 

“I want to stay this way for the longest time. I’ve been hurt by a lot of men and I think that it is best way to wait for a good guy,” she said. 

But even though she is now a virgin again, Minaj will not stop posting nude pictures. 

“I am continuing with my content. It is my job and it puts food on my table, so I will never stop posting and posing naked,” she said.  

She added that her new man must understand her line of work. 

“Not all men would like their woman to post pictures of themselves half naked. So I need a man who will understand my job, which will be hard,” she said. 

Asked whether she cared about negative feedback, Minaj said: “I usually don’t read comments because most of it is negative and I am short tempered. So I will end up responding and it won’t be nice because I will swear at them,” she said. 

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Many social media users had a lot to say about her virginity. 

Mk Sego wrote: “We sincerely apologize to the public for this very act of nuisance. The poster is one of our psychiatric patients who escaped last night. We urge the public to go about your various business as everything is under control. Thanks for your understanding.”  

LadyBoo Mohlala wrote: “Haibo virgin again impossible I wish to be a small fly to see how they madee you a virgin again.”  

Vee Da Rok wrote: “When I saw this post, I remembered the advice my grandfather gave me at my uncle's wedding while we were sitting close to each other next to the music band. Music was too loud, I couldn't hear what he said.”  

Nhlanhla Lesh Hilda wrote: “Is this girl alright upstairs? Kahle kahle where are your parents? Wena noZodwa you are birds from the same feather.” 

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