Skeem Saam fans ready to 'boycott' show!

Skeem Saam viewers want Paxton to be caught.
Skeem Saam viewers want Paxton to be caught.

THE viewers of Skeem Saam are sick and tired of Paxton and the Kgomos’ current storyline.

So much so that some have said they will stop watching the show while others are planning to boycott it.

Paxton, played by Thabiso Molokomme, robbed his way into winning a competition that was supposed to be won by Mosebjadi, played by Zizo Sobutyu. And this has made many viewers unhappy.

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Paxton has been problematic since entering the show, causing trouble with other people and his parents, Mr and Mrs Kgomo, played by Lebohang Elephant and Molobane Mbatha, respectively. But they have been supporting him and hiding his scandals.

The past week has seen viewers expressing their feelings about Paxton always getting away with murder.

Miya_mpilow said she was never watching the show again.

Skeem Saam makes me so angry when it comes to that Paxton storyline. He always gets away with everything. I’m never watching it again,” she wrote.

Then Lulu Mkhawane wrote: “Skeem Saam has turned me off with the Paxton storyline, to a point that I’ve lost interest in the entire show. That time, it’s my favourite or at least used to be.”

Lethunya Muroa said he might stop watching the show.

“This Paxton chap will be the reason I stop watching #SkeemSaam. This can’t be normal. This can’t be business as usual,” he wrote.

Then Yandi Berry commented: “Skeem Saam writers should let us know if they’re tired of having us as viewers. This Paxton storyline is annoying.”

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Lebogang Mokadi9 urged viewers to boycott the show.

“At some point we need to boycott Skeem Saam. We can’t keep watching a soapie that is said to be educational, but depresses the poor and a black person.”

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