WATCH: Ama2000 cause havoc at Mall of Africa!

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Ama2000 wreaked havoc at Mall of Africa. Photo from screengrab
Ama2000 wreaked havoc at Mall of Africa. Photo from screengrab

AMA2000 were at it again on Saturday, 26 March. 

This time around, they turned Midrand's Mall of Africa into a new "monate".

This after teenagers in baggy streetwear clothing were seen storming into the shopping centre.

Videos of them causing a racket went viral on social media on Monday.

In the video footage, the crowd of teens who call themselves "Luh Twizzy" could be seen in numbers making a noise and causing a commotion as they paraded the mall.

Several reports on social media further indicated that one younger died during the disruption. 

But on Monday 27 March, the mall confirmed the ‘disruptive behavior on their premises yet denied the claims on social media that a youngster had died during the incident.

In a statement on Monday, the shopping center said: “We have had no fatality and have confirmed same with the local authorities.

“Management of Mall of Africa are aware of social media posts about an alleged fatality related to the disruptive behaviour of a group of minors on Saturday, 25 March at the Mall.

“Mall of Africa has a zero-tolerance approach to disruptive behaviours on our premises. We are working closely with South African Police Service officials and our private security firm to investigate this matter further and to mitigate any future disruptions to our retail community,” the statement read.

While it was still unclear where the term "Luw Twizzys" emanates from, it is not a stranger on social media app TikTok.

It is believed that the term comes from a challenge called Luh Twizzy, which encourages youngsters to storm into a mall and cause absolute chaos then leave.

Cool or not, this challenge had South Africans commenting and resharing the videos.

One user called this behaviour "nonsense" and blamed the new rap age and social media for leading children astray while the other questioned the behaviour by the youngsters. 

Anele and the club on 947 also weighed in on the disruption with a more humorous side. 

Anele Mdoda who joked said, "if your child was at Mall of Africa on Saturday just wake them up and shake them, and ask what are you doing." 

Daily Sun reached out the Gauteng police regarding the incident however they did not comment in time for publication. 

Their comment will be added once received. 

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