TT Mbha puts tymas, ntwanas first!

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Thato 'TT' and his dad, Serame Mbha, will host the upcoming show together.
Thato 'TT' and his dad, Serame Mbha, will host the upcoming show together.

MZANSI Cribs Makeover host Thato "TT" Mbha has created a reality talk show called Like Tyma Like Ntwana,' meaning Like Father Like Son. 

TT told the Daily Sun that this will be one-of-a-kind show in Mzansi. 

The entrepreneur from Pimville, Soweto, said they will have open family orientated and fun conversation about issues affecting fathers and sons.

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He will co-host with his dad, Serame Mbha.

TT said he would provide more details on where the show will be aired.

 “We are still in negotiations with big channels. I will share more information soon and remember that we also have the TTMBHA online TV channel.

"This is by far the most special legacy concept I've created to date. We want to have a very frank, family-friendly, fun-filled topical conversations with various tymas and ntwanas," he said.

The presenter said that people who wanted to join them either with their father or kids could send DMs on their social pages.

"Please send us a DM with your full contact details on the @amatyma_sa page. You can also use the hashtag so we can see your support #LikeTymaLikeNtwana," he said.

TT said this is an extension of the Amatyma Wellness Network he founded in 2020.

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