WATCH: Connie Ferguson’s grandson steals hearts!

Connie Ferguson and her grandson, Ronewa.
Connie Ferguson and her grandson, Ronewa.

CONNIE Ferguson’s grandson, Ronewa, has stolen the hearts of South Africans after a recent video of him praying did the rounds on social media.

During an interview with actress Candice Modiselle and his mum, Lesedi Matsunyane-Ferguson, he was asked if he wanted to share any inspiration for other young people. He responded by saying he wants to pray for them instead of talking.

The video has since touched many people on social media and they expressed shock over his prayer and wisdom.

People have been sharing the video on social media since.

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Lesedi and Connie also shared the video on their social media platforms as well.

“May Ros prayer resonate with us all. May we be grateful for the lives we have and continue to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Happy Sunday,” wrote Lesedi.

Twitter user MboMahocs said he thinks Ronewa got it from his grandfather, the late Shona Ferguson.

“Somebody described uncle Sho as ‘a man who ‘wore’ God well’. I think he planted something in this little man, watched it & felt his spirit/influence on it. It’s deep,” he wrote.

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Actress and TV presenter Ntando Duma commented: “I cried. So much wisdom and power. I love him more.”

Actress and producer Lulu Hela wrote: “This is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen today.”

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