‘MAGEZA flashes his 4-5 at us'


A KAGISO taxi driver is making female taxi commuters angry by putting his 4-5 on display.

And while the shattered women passengers are still reeling in shock, he asks them for a little assistance.


One of the women said she went to the police but said when she told them what had happened they laughed at her and didn’t assist her in opening a case.

“This really made me uncomfortable especially with rape stats being so high,” she said.

She said this happened on 17 November when she was coming home from work. She was the last one in the taxi and said the driver started telling her about how terrible his sex life was. She said he then asked that she helped him out with a blowjob.

“I was shocked and disgusted. I said no but he opened his zip and started playing with his 4-5.”

She told the driver she wanted to get off the taxi. She said he let her out and begged her not to tell anyone. “I said I wouldn’t tell anyone but I took another taxi and went straight to the police station.”

She told the women from her kasi and one of them said she had also experienced this in October on her way home.

He asked her to give him a blow job to make him feel better.

“I was shocked. He promised to give me R500. I was broke but I love myself more than I love money.”

Another resident (49) said this happened to her on 2 November and when the taxi driver whipped out his 4-5, she beat him up with her handbag and demanded to be let off the taxi.


“He let me out and begged me not to tell anyone,” she said.

Kagiso Police Station spokesman Captain Solomon Sibiya said this was sexual assault and advised the women to come forward with information so they could arrest him.

Daily Sun spoke to Midday Mali of the South African National Taxi Council, who said he wasn’t aware of the matter. He said he was disgusted by this behaviour and urged the women to open a case and come forward with whatever information they had so they could catch the man and remove him from the road immediately.

“We don’t want people to feel unsafe when they’re in taxis. This is wrong and will be dealt with,” said Mali.

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