Criminals, ghosts shut cop shop!

Cops at Relela Police Station evaluate the damage hours after thugs broke into the site and destroyed furniture, books and dockets on Saturday morning. Photo by Alex Matlala

THE police station where cops claimed they had been attacked by ghosts and thugs has been closed.

Relela Police Station, outside Tzaneen in Limpopo, was shut down on Friday since a series of criminal and allegedly supernatural incidents have occurred since January.

People also accused officers at the station of using police vans to check up on their girlfriends at night while the residents needed their help.

Community members told the SunTeam that when they went to tip off the police, there was no one at the station.

Furious residents allegedly broke into the station recently, destroying documents and leaving the place a mess.

Earlier, a date stamp, a police radio, a car battery and other items went missing.

On one occasion cops ran away during a robbery at the station.

Recently the cop shop was in the news when its cops claimed that they were being attacked by ghosts.

They said nearby branches shook and they could hear children crying. The electricity would switch off by itself and footsteps could be heard.

Resident Namajabo Maeko said the ghosts could be those of children killed by the police. He said that the building needed to be cleansed.

Mathibela Royal Council member David Malatji said there was talk about moving the cop shop to the Relela Recreation Centre.

“It would be more accessible, convenient and user-friendly there,” David said.

Limpopo police spokeswoman Colonel Ronel Otto confirmed the station had been closed.

“It was closed after a recent spate of criminal activities,” she said.

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