Brave Gomora patrollers back on the streets!

Patrollers in Alexandra hit the streets despite deadly shooting in April 2023.
Patrollers in Alexandra hit the streets despite deadly shooting in April 2023.

GOMORA patrollers are soldiering on as they continue to protect their kasi despite losing two of their own in April 2023.

On Wednesday, 26 April, seven patrollers were shot at, allegedly by a suspect at Stjwetla informal settlement in Alexandra, east of Joburg, and five sustained serious injuries while two died.

At the time, Daily Sun reported how the tragic incident had left them in fear, while the father of one of the killed patrollers said he would move back home to Mpumalanga as he did not feel safe.

But weeks later, the patrollers' urge for a safe community saw them back on the streets.

With her sjambok, Patience Khumalo joined 32 other patrollers through the night from 10pm to patrol the streets of Stjwetla to tackle crime. 

Every day she leaves the house with no certainty of return, but she pushes herself because she wants a safer community.

"A part of me is scared, and the other part isn't because I see brave women leave their houses to go out there and patrol. Anything can happen at any time, but we go out there and do what we must," Patience said.

Her biggest fear now is dying and leaving her kids without anything.

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She pleads with the government to meet them halfway regarding a small subsidy and torches, reflectors and microphones to use when someone needs help.

Another patroller, Selena Maswanganui, said the death of those they worked with couldn't be in vain.

"It's scary, but if die, we die," she said.

Selena said such could easily be avoided if law enforcement works with them and is proactive on their emergency calls when a criminal is on the loose so that their fight for a safer community yields success.

Gauteng police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Mavela Masondo confirmed the deaths and said a case of murder and attempted murder was opened at Bramley Police Station.

He said they have launched a manhunt for the suspects who are still at large. In the meantime, police visibility has been intensified in the area.

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