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Anti-crime definition: opposing or intended to discourage or prevent crime and especially violent crime

The cost of violence to the South African economy is one of the highest in the world.  The country is ranked 118th overall, out of 163 countries, in the 2022 Global Peace Index. For context, only 0.005 of a point separates South Africa from war-torn Saudi Arabia, which is fresh out of the Saudi-Yemen conflict.

The index found that the national cost of violence in South Africa is approximately 20% of the country’s GDP – the 16th highest rate in the world. Total violence containment spending in the country amounts to R1.84 trillion (roughly R34 160 per person in the country). 

South Africa stood out in four main categories of violence, ranked 1-5 (very low-very high):

5 / 5 intentional homicide 

4 / 5 access to weapons 

4.5/5 violent crime

4/5 violent demonstrations

Despite public measures put in place to combat violent crime, the statistics of violence have maintained their high levels, with only marginal fluctuations on an annual basis.

The spectrum of daily crime in the country is so deep and varied that South Africans have to do whatever they can to feel safer.

Namola is a private emergency responder with a registered base of 530 000 users that is doing something about it. HAS in fact, been doing something about it. 

Namola offers security technology to aid citizens with fast armed response services, without seeking direct human intervention. 

Through the app’s GPS locations with location sharing, Namola recorded a three-month average of 805 891 trips with a total distance coverage of 19 407 682 km between August and November 2022. That's 484 times around the world each month. 

Backing Namola’s efficiency is a fool-proof mechanism that allows users to test the app to see how it works.

This test run is a further assurance of Namola’s resolution to respond quickly and effectively in case of an emergency. In fact, Namola encourages everybody to test the app before having to use it in a real emergency.

To date, Namola have 430 400 confirmed test incidents.

In a real emergency, Namola’s Emergency Response app works as follows:

1. Press Panic Button

2. Namola Control room Verifies

3. Auto answer (i.e. an appropriate response team is on the way.)

When it comes to real incident resolution, a total of 125 088 incidents were resolved by Namola in 2022. With an average resolution rating of 4.8/5.

Between September and October, Namola deployed 27 vehicles to assist people in an emergency. This includes, but is not limited to Private Armed Responses and Private Ambulances provided by ER24.

The future of safety

A new partnership with billion-dollar operator MultiChoice gives South African DStv customers exclusive access to discounted pricing for Namola Plus plans.

DStv Rewards customers can claim a Namola Plus plan via their My DStv app, where they can register to get three months free for family, or one month free for couples or individuals. Thereafter they will pay a reduced premium. 

Subscription fees range from as little as R29 for the individual package, R59 for the couples' package, and R99 for the family package.

The partnership with DStv allows customers to conveniently add a Namola subscription to their monthly DStv bill hassle-free.

Poignantly, the addition of Namola to DStv’s platform expansion portfolio is a clear indication of the lifestyle impact that safety holds in South African society. Finally, the time has come to give South Africans ownership of their own safety.

Namola App

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