Hatem Ben Arfa (Supplied)
Hatem Ben Arfa (Supplied)

Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Hatem Ben Arfa claims he has become disillusioned with football because of managers like Jose Mourinho and Diego Simeone.

The Frenchman believes Mourinho and Simeone, who lead Manchester United and Atletico Madrid respectively, take all the joy out of the beautiful game with their negative tactics.

Ben Arfa has revealed that football doesn't interest him as much as it used to, because of managers who try to prevent other teams from playing a free-flowing style.

"Many coaches are convinced to invent football on the pretext that they are looking for a system to block the opponent," Ben Arfa told France Football.

"But this is not in the essence of football, with Mourinho and Simeone.

"It is the antithesis of [former Ajax and Barcelona coach Johan] Cruyff and his freedom, and with them there is no longer room for pleasure.

"There is no more spectacle, to the point that football interests me much less. I do not find pleasure watching matches. Even in Ligue 1, we kill football.”

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