Speed and music rock together at Killarney!


For many years Motorsport has attracted its own unique petrol head audience.

Rarely did we ever see this mixed with a music festival.

Taking place at the Killarney International Raceway on 10 December, in Cape Town, for the first time ever, the festival will be fusing speed and music ensuring that everyone is catered for!

Hosted by the Southern African Endurance Series (SAES) the festival aims to make motorsport accessible to all as it was once an exclusive participation sport once reserved for the elite. 

The only way SAES believes it can break this mould is to make it an inclusive sport. A sport that best represents the economic and social landscape of South Africa as a whole and what better way to do this than with music, fun and high-octane energy filling the atmosphere.

SAES has put together an overabundance of music acts that cuts across all genres, genders, and age groups in the music landscape.

Just like the endurance event, the stage will remain active with music for the duration of the endurance race.

The line-up includes artists Zonke, Watershed, Oskido, Goodluck, Mdu Masilela and Shekinah, with a string of well-known DJs to also perform.

The unique blend of Speed and Sound is the growth point for this vision. A vision that attracts a new audience. A new spectator and a new follower base.

This will help the foundation to create new heroes and villains. Something that each sport needs to build a new audience.

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CEO at SAES, Wayne Riddell says: “this approach with grassroots development and support in the sport is the only sustainable model that will see the sport transform into an all-inclusive series.

Both music and motorsport enthusiasts can go online to purchase tickets for the festival on Webtickets.


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