More rewards for Capitec clients!


CAPITEC clients enjoy enormous rewards from the bank with continuous innovations to help them make wise financial decisions.

One of those rewards is the existing partnership with EasyEquities, an innovative investment platform that allows you to invest from as little as R5.

EasyEquities is a stand-alone app which allows people to buy/invest in shares on stock markets in South Africa and the USA.

The simplified version of EasyEquities is available on the Capitec app and allows clients to:


  • Link their existing EasyEquities profile if they have one, or create a new profile.
  • Practise using a demo account with R100 000 and $10 000 (R173 425) demo money.
  • View your portfolio to get a complete view of your ZAR, USD, and tax-free savings accounts.
  • View your total account value, investment type and shares.
  • Browse the marketplace for local or international shares
  • View the costs and performance of shares.

According to News24, Capitec clients don’t pay data fees when trading on the widget as the app is zero-rated for data on all Mzansi cellular networks.

The group’s executive for marketing and communications Francois Viviers said the partnership allows them to democratise investing for all citizens.

“EasyEquities is perfect for both experienced and first-time investors. Its demo account offers R100 000, which can be used to familiarise yourself with the markets you are interested in before investing actual money,” said Viviers.

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