Connie Ferguson workouts to try now so you can eat Easter eggs, hot-cross buns, pickled fish guilt-free

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Connie Ferguson is our exercise inspiration.
Connie Ferguson is our exercise inspiration.
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She makes it look so easy. So much so that her followers have started trying out some of her exercise routines, in hopes of getting to her level. 

With her well-toned abs and fast feet, actress Connie Ferguson believes in exercise, especially for mental health. 

She doesn't shy away from discussing how she uses movement to heal when she's overwhelmed, even when she's not in the mood. 

Whether she's doing seemingly complicated skipping routines or weighted exercises, she's always smiling through it all. 

Accompanied by some old school hip hop, her exercises make us want to jump into the wagon. After all, summer bodies are made all year round. 

And she's living proof of it. "Do you set goals for yourself? Do you make the effort to pursue those goals with all your might? Remember success is not reached overnight. The road to hitting a target can be hard and daunting. Never get discouraged. If you do something often enough it becomes habit and enjoyable. So keep at it! Go after what you want! And don’t give up until you achieve it!"

Here are some of our favourite workouts from The Queen herself. 

Hop, skip and jump

Insanity workout 

Back and hamstrings

Speed bag training

And more skipping, because as she says,

"Did you know that jumping rope can improve blood flow in the body? A lot of the time, blood flow imbalances can lead to mental health problems like stress and depression. Not only can jumping rope help make you feel better, but it also helps boost your memory and improve overall coordination.

Have you started jumping yet?"

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