If opportunity comes to do Real Housewives of Durban season 4, I’ll do it, says newcomer Slee Ndlovu

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She is one of the latest additions to Real Housewives of Durban.
She is one of the latest additions to Real Housewives of Durban.

This season, Real Housewives of Durban have been introduced to new cast members. One of them is Slindile “Slee” Wendy Ndlovu, who opens up about her time on the show.

She sits down with Drum to share her experience.

Q: How does it feel to come into a cast that is already established?

A: I must say it's not easy to come and join a group of friends that have relationships. There are a lot of alliances and history in terms of their friendship.  It almost feels like I am in high school again or I am little girl joining a new school and I have to prove myself and make friendships. It can be overwhelming, however, I loved every minute of it.

Q: How has the reception been from the public?

A: Oh my God, the reception has been extremely amazing. [It's] mostly positive and I find that the public and the viewers resonate with what I stand for and they understand the person that I am. It is heartwarming and refreshing. Actually, I am so humbled. I did not expect this kind of love and this kind of support.

Q: Do you feel misunderstood?

A: In a sense. I don’t think people are used to someone who, from the bat, is speaking their mind. I think I am just defensive to anyone that is challenging my character. I know what I stand for so, for me, I also cannot pretend to save my life. I can say something, but my face will tell a completely different story. If I am not happy, you will definitely know, even if I don’t say it at times. I just cannot help how my facial expressions react. I guess I might be misunderstood in that sense because people are used to sweeping things under the rug and being pretentious and doing things to please other people. Unfortunately, for me, that is very unlikely. I am generally not a people pleaser. I always still to what I believe is right.

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Q: When you agreed to be part of the show, did you fully comprehend the exposure you will get?

A: I think I somewhat had an idea of the exposure and what it comes with. But to be honest, you think you know. From outside looking in, it's quite different when you’re within it. But nothing could have prepared me for everything that is happening in my life right now. The numbers have also grown in terms of following on social media platforms. Which is crazy and because of the type of person that I am, when I receive compliments, I try to respond to each and every one. Because I know what it's like to try engage with someone that you like, and you get silence. So I try to engage. Nothing could have prepared me. But I am taking it as a blessing because this exposure is a great opportunity for anyone in the business state. It’s a nice launching pad.

Q: Since the show aired for the first time, how has your life changed?

A: I don’t think my life has changed, hey. I think the only thing that has changed is the social media following. But otherwise in real life, as a mom, as a partner and just as Slee, nothing has really changed. I don’t think a lot of people recognize me yet which is amazing for me because I blend in. And I just a face where I look like someone people think they recognize. I keep my head down and I keep doing what I am doing. Maybe it will change at some point, but right now I am just living my life as I have always lived it.

Q: Are the people who are recognizing you in the street, malls etc? And how does that feel?

A: Because I change my hair so much, people don’t really recognize me. I engage with those that do recognize me, but it has not been crazy.

Q: Do you think Sane misunderstood you when you asked if she catered Sorisha’s event?

A: I don’t think Sane misunderstood me. I think she came into this space knowing exactly which people to target and unfortunately, I was one of them. In all honesty there was no issue with my statement. I did not call her a caterer. I was trying to establish, like everybody else, why she was there. I knew everyone on the table, but we were all wondering who she is. When she told us what she does then I was like, oh okay, you’re catering the event. If you’re a chef, the services that you provide to your private clients is catering and you cater for their specific needs. So I don’t think Sane misunderstood me, I just think Sane is playing dumb. She had an agenda, and she did what she had to do.

Q: Why were you crying when you left Sorisha’s event?

A: The reason I cried is because I cannot handle people that lie, nje. But not only that, you lie to my face and on top of that you come to my face and point fingers in my face. I know for a fact it would have ended up way different (if I had stayed). But because I am a mother first and it is important how my children see me; I am also concerned about how young people because this is also a platform to be exemplary to youngsters. I try by all means to hold my composure. But the level of anger that I was feeling, I just thought it would be best if I reacted the way I did.

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Q: Going forward, what can RHOD fans expect from you?

A: They can still expect to see me evolve with relationships with the ladies within the group. A lot is still coming this season. You will see me get an opportunity to speak more about what I do. Also building friendships and relationships. We’ll see where it ends.

Q: With your experience this season, will you be on season 4 if there is one?

A: If the opportunity arises for season four, I will definitely be part of the group. I’ll remain the same and true to myself.

Q: How do you feel about exposing your ancestral calling out to the public and what has been the reception?

A: My calling is very personal, it's something that I hold dear to my heart. It is very difficult to share who I am without sharing that part of my life. Before I am u Slee in human flesh, I am a child of the gods, a child of the ancestors. I am spirit first before I am flesh.

So I cannot separate the two, because during the recording, it is reality remember, the ancestors will come through and I might act differently or say things differently. It was important to me to showcase that part of me so that when things that are strange happen, people are not shocked, it makes sense.

I also wanted to show people that if you have a calling, everybody’s journey is different. It is not a blanket thing that just because une’sthunywa, this is how walk or how you carry out your calling. It was important for me for the public to see me in my most authentic, vulnerable self. Because when you are in that space, you have no control of what happens. So, I wanted people to experience me like that. And the reception has been truly incredible because people relate to me. And people realise that is why I come across as a person who is always defensive and protecting their truth. Because by doing that, I am not only protecting u Slee, but I am also protecting the people that I walk with.

Because once you offend me, you are not just offending me, you are offending my angels, so it is important to fight for my truth and not let people walk all over me. That is why I am staunch believer of doing the right thing all the time. If it doesn’t serve you, exit the building. I want people to know that I will not stay in place of conflict because I am protecting my spirituality.

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