Mondli Makhoba on playing Nkosana on The Wife, being an author and a family man

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Mondli Makhoba currently plays Nkosana Zulu on Showmax's telenovela The Wife.
Mondli Makhoba currently plays Nkosana Zulu on Showmax's telenovela The Wife.

They have fans glued to the show every week. 

And as the oldest of the Zulu brothers on Showmax's telenovela, The Wife, he's earned a special spot in the hearts of the viewers. 

Every Thursday, the show trends as the brothers captivate fans with their antics.

It has taken years for Mondli Makhoba to get to this point and he feels like he's finally getting the recognition he's been working towards. 

He initially wanted to go into information technology working with computers but his family didn’t have enough money to pay for his fees.

Fortunately while singing in a community choir someone mentioned to him that there was a play called Shaka Inauguration and he auditioned to play Shaka and he got the role.

And it wasn't long before he was touring the world as Shaka and he fell in love with the craft. And when he saw how the audiences received him, he knew it was for him. 

Mondli lived abroud for six years before coming back home.

“I didn’t want to have regrets and I decided to purse acting and I got the chance to tour the UK and perform in big theatres over there. I wanted to exhaust all the talents that God has given me.”

He has starred in multiple productions such as Molokazana on Mzansi Magic, Uzalo and Generations on SABC 1. Although South Africa has always admired his work on screen it is his recent role as Nkosana on The Wife that has given him the praise and recognition that he deserves.

Nkosana is the eldest of eight Zulu brothers whose parents were murdered tragically by a community vigilante in Mbuba KwaZulu- Natal. The telenovela is inspired by a novel from Dudu Busani-Dube.

The family has rivals everywhere including the Majola brothers that have taken more away from the Zulu family than they can bear while disguised as ‘frenemies’.  

Nkosana lost his son and he continues to live with the heavy burden of looking after his children and his brothers.

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“I am a family man and having to play a role about family, it feels part of me. Our black families have been divided and we don’t have united families and playing Nkosana is projecting the message that we can have a good black family. I enjoy the bond that I have with the other actors, and I have always wanted to work with them and getting close to them has been an honour.”

The fans of The Wife are emotionally invested in the series with many in awe of the bond the brothers have on and off screen. The actors of the show always involve the viewers in day-to-day shoots by having Instagram lives that give them a closer glimpse as to what happens behind the scenes.

“We have all worked in different productions, but we were never as big as we are right now. We were always supporting other actors in the roles we played but on The Wife, it is our time to focus on being lead. We also have respect for each other and it is easy for us to play our roles.”

He has been an actor for over 20 years, and he says that hard work and patience is all one needs to succeed in the entertainment industry.

“My career has been growing very slowly but I like that because it has prepared me for every milestone. I want actors to trust the process. The support from fans has been amazing and I appreciate it but working hard has helped because I have done well in the characters I have played.”

Mondli is also an author and he currently has an anthology with 77 poems written in Zulu. It's called Imizwa Nemi Cabango (words and thoughts). He says that he wants to ensure that the Zulu language is appreciated.

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“I wanted to contribute to the language and ensure that it stays alive. I feel more than I speak and I am working on another that I want to release mid-year and I am hoping that people can get to read my work.”

He has five children that he adores, and he says that it’s the role of fatherhood that has made him play Nkosana well.

“Being a father is the best thing ever. They have taught me a lot because culture tells us that men don’t cry but my kids don’t care about that they take to all emotional corners and the role that I play on The Wife helps me be honest with my feelings.”

He has received multiple new offers because of his character on The Wife and he is looking forward to be announcing some of the new projects that he will be working on.

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