Fertility doctor used own sperm to secretly father 49 children


A Dutch infertility doctor has been revealed to be the father of 49 children, BBC reports.

DNA tests on the late Jan Karbaat, who died two years ago, revealed that he impregnated his children's mothers with his own sperm at his clinic in Blijdorp, near Rotterdam, Netherlands.

None of the women were aware he was using his semen in the operations.

"After a search of 11 years I can continue my life," one of Karbaat's children, Joey, said on Friday after the results were revealed. "I am glad that I finally have clarity."

Another of his children, Martijn van Halen, told Dutch news website, "It's nice to know for sure. It gives peace."

Karbaat was first taken to court in 2017 by a group of donor children and their parents over suspicions they were related.

Suspicions were raised as one of the donor children physically resembled the doctor, who died aged 89.

At the time, judges ruled that DNA tests could be carried out but the results must be sealed pending the outcome of further court cases.

That decision was overturned in February this year, after the Rotterdam district court ruled that the results of the tests could be finally be revealed.

According to Dutch reports, Karbaat reportedly admitted to having fathered about 60 children at his clinic, which closed in 2009 amid reports of irregularities.


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