David Notoane pleads for patience with South Africa Under-23s


South Africa Under-23 coach David Notoane is pleading with the country to be patient with his side as they participate at the COSAFA Cup in Durban.

The coach feels as much they understand frustrations after the Botswana loss, the boys are still not strong enough to deal with negative reactions.

Speaking at their training session before facing Uganda in the plate semifinal, Notoane said they are working on rebuilding their mental strength.

"We all feel we let down, the whole country, after our loss on Sunday," Notoane said.

"Botswana had more mental desire and that lesson we spoke about as a team, we are working on developing the psychological side of our game. They are now aware going into the next game that we need to improve in that regard."

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The coach pleaded with South Africans to be patient with the boys and understands the fact that the country demands positive results because of years of pain with the national teams.

"Look, we obviously rely on the media to spread positivity and a strong message to the community on the objectives we have and we don't accept defeats like everyone, we get disappointed too," he explained.

"Yes, we are judged by results naturally as coaches, we want positive outcomes but development is a process, we are building a future Bafana Bafana, we are in a process and we need to understand that."

On the game against Uganda, Notoane says they are looking for a win to give them an extra match as it will give them an indication of where they stand in terms of readiness for the Under-23 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers.

"Very very important, we want to win so we can play an extra match on Friday and use every player in this tournament because our focus is to look at other options and freshen up the team," he added.

"We know Uganda like to play from the back and are a very strong side. We will look at changing a few things and won't allow them to influence us in changing our game-plan."

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