John Comitis warns PSLto leave Mpho Makola referee Abongile Tom case alone


South African football followers around the country watched in disbelief as the veteran midfielder manhandled and pushed match official Abongile Tom after he awarded Kaizer Chiefs a penalty in their Telkom Knockout quarterfinal encounter in Cape Town.

The former Orlando Pirates star escaped with only a booking for his bad behaviour.

"There is no situation, the referee has the last decision and he made it, he gave him a yellow," Comitis argues to

"No listen, the guy is frustrated, he feels it wasn't a penalty. You know he's been in these situations many times with the big-temperament games and he reacted.

"We don't say that he did the right thing, but at the same time you know that's the game, it's on, it's live, it's happening and... you know it's not the kind of behaviour we want to see but at the same time you know the ref is on the pitch, he made the decision, he made a call to give him a yellow and that's the end of that."

Comitis was asked if as the club boss he took time to address the incident with the player.

"Well, the only reason I speak to the player is that it could have been a red card, possibly should have been a red card and under the circumstances we would have been at a disadvantage," he replies.

"So in terms of that and for the betterment of the team, it's not something that we are happy with, but the discussions with him is about being able to control himself on the basis that, you know it could cost the team even more if he was sent off.

"So you know it ended there and it was finished.. next you know it's like bad decisions by the refs on many occasions where they don't give a penalty that should have been given you know. It's their final decisions and you get on with that."

PSL prosecutor Nande Becker is currently sitting with the case.

"The incident has been brought to my attention and I am investigating the matter. I cannot say more until I have all the relevant information," Becker informs.

But Comitis warns the League to carefully consider what they are doing.

"Well, I don't know about that. Number one, okay, because the refs... when we request other decisions to be made by the PSL when there's brutal tackles – and we've had injuries that players have come off straight onto the operating table, where players have received only yellow cards – we've had no reactions by the PSL.

"So the PSL needs to be very careful with what they are going to start, you know to open a tin of worms here. It's fine to have a situation where they react in the best interest of the game, which I accept. But they must be careful when it comes to the decisions of the ref and overruling them and making extenuated decisions because then when is the limit?

"Because then when it comes to a situation where there is a blatant penalty, and the ref doesn't give it, then we send a letter and complain about that and say what about that? So they need to be very careful not to open a can of worms here.

"Because you know if our refereeing was spot-on every week and we have a very high level of refereeing, I would be going you know 'step in PSL you know what you need to do'. But when there's much to be desired you need to be very careful what decisions the PSL has taken upon themselves."