William Shongwe comes to the defence of Daniel Akpeyi in Itumeleng Khune's absence


The Nigerian international had a mixed performance against Cape Town City in the Telkom Knockout on Saturday, failing to hold onto some balls before he went on to become a hero by saving in a penalty in the shootout.

"Ja eish, it's a bit difficult because it was a mix of both, but I think overall I still feel like he did a good enough job, because where he fumbled he was able to recover or his team was able to make cover," Shongwe tells KickOff.com.

"For the most part the goalkeeper's challenge is to help the team not to concede. That is first and foremost. In between you can have a bit of this and a bit of that, but I think it's important to respect the end results. And also, you cannot view the goalkeeper independently of the team, he is the part of the team, and half the time what he gets exposed to are the lapses of concentration of the team.

"So the pressure that he had to deal with is accumulated by sometimes the weakness of the players in front of him. So it depends on then whether we can decide to look at his individual performance in isolation of the team. Sometimes that is a bit unfair because he gets exposed by the team, now he's got to make do with the mistakes from the rest of the team.

"So that's where for me I feel it's not fair you know. I'm saying considering where he comes from and... that is the other thing we don't consider, replacing a Khune, a Khune that has been shining for years and people are now spoiled. Anything less than what Khune can do is considered not good enough you know.

"If a player plays for any other team and produces that kind of performance they are a hero. But because he plays for Chiefs and there's a Khune tag behind there, suddenly there's question marks [laughs].

"But overall the man under the circumstances I would say he's done well, he's done well this season particularly. Arriving last season I had my own doubts as well, but I feel like since starting at the beginning of the season he has helped Chiefs in a number of situations."