Orlando Pirates star Fortune Makaringe reveals newest family members


Orlando Pirates star Fortune Makaringe seemingly has two new cute faces inside his house, and here is a look at what the Buccaneers midfielder will be coming home to every day! 

While we cannot confirm the exact breed of his two new puppies, or whether or not they are English or French Pugs, we are certain that Makaringe is quite pleased to have them as his reaction to his new pets suggests nothing but happiness. 

Scroll through the gallery above to see Fortune Makaringe revealing his two new puppies, as well as his BMW 

The 28-year-old midfielder who grew up playing in the East Rand of Gauteng reacted to his new dogs on Instagram by saying: “Have fun, live a little, take yourself serious, and play expensive, dawg.” 

This breed of dog is said to have a gentle disposition, which often makes them dependable and predictable, which is a wonderful trait for a family dog. 

They are also known to be friendly towards children, and are very much people-oriented, as they are commonly understood to love human attention. 

Not to underestimate Makaringe’s new puppies, but it does appear that the former Maritzburg United star was keen on having adorable and friendly companions inside the house rather than a more aggressive canine that is primarily there to protect the family. 

Although there is a slight hint of a stereotype around the gentle nature of his breed of dogs, it is rather careless to think that these bulldogs cannot be dangerous or protective when they need to be.  

Your thoughts, please? 

What is your favourite breed of dogs?