PUMA releases lightest football jersey


World-renowned PUMA has released their newest creation Ultraweave, its lightest ever performance apparel technology engineered to deliver the game’s fastest football jersey. 

The new technology made an on-pitch debut on October 6, when it was worn by the Italian men’s national team during their Nations League semi-final defeat to Spain. The special material has been incorporated into the existing Italian Renaissance Home jersey pattern. 

ULTRAWEAVE was created after a lengthy testing period with PUMA athletes. The advanced technology is an ultra-lightweight fabric that is engineered for optimized performance.  

Scroll through the gallery above to see PUMA's ULTRAWEAVE jersey

PUMA has revealed the details into their latest attempt at breaking barriers, “The jersey has a base chassis weighing only 72 grams, with extreme weight reduction achieved through a lightweight woven fabric featuring a 4-way engineered mechanical stretch that will make PUMA players and teams faster and more dynamic.” 

Football is defined by marginal differences and advantages and when you have one team feeling lighter on the pitch it can help. When the game is on the line every gram counts and as part of the brand’s Faster Football movement, PUMA aims to push boundaries, innovate, and bring fresh products to football. 

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Stefano Favaro, Creative Director Teamsport at PUMA also commented on the t-shirt, “Our athletes wanted something lighter and faster to help them achieve marginal gains needed at the highest level.”  

“Therefore, we identified apparel as a product that we could evolve to a new level. We felt we could give our players and teams a tangible performance benefit over 90 minutes.  

“During a game, players cover an average of 10 to 13.5km with high-intensity action every 60 seconds. Through ULTRAWEAVE, we are able to reduce apparel and kit weight and restrictions to improve performance.” 

 Unfortunately for South African fans, this new ULTRAWEAVE Italy jersey will not be available for sale in Mzansi.