CONTROVERSY: Sex noises ring on football show

Sourced for talkSPORT
Sourced for talkSPORT

A segment on BBC was brought into disarray as a prank seemingly led to sex noises being rung while the show was live. Check it out!

What Happened?

During the analysis of Liverpool and Wolverhampton match, the sounds start slowly but then the groaning and moaning intensifies but the presenters and analysts Paul Ince and Danny Murphy maintained their composure and continued giving commentary. 

Host Gary Lineker simply said “we don’t know where that sound is coming from,” before talking about the weather and adding “it’s toasty in this studio.”

When the camera's cut to a break, the culprit was found.

 Alan Shearer could not contain his laugh as the sound went on for a long time while the former Newcastle United star also joked that it was Danny Murphy's cellphone going off. 

In response to the gaffe, the BBC said, "We apologise to any viewers offended during the live coverage of the football this evening."

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A prankster called Daniel Jarvis, who posts on YouTube has since claimed credit for the erotic prank.

Did you know?

Daniel Jarvis has more than 170,000 YouTube subscribers as of Tuesday night.

Your thoughts, please?

What do you think of the prank?

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