George Lebese hosts glamorous affair

All images sourced from Lebese and Seventeen lifes
All images sourced from Lebese and Seventeen lifestyle's Instagram

George Lebese’s new luxury business opened over the weekend and it was an extravagant affair. Check it out!  

Earlier in April, the 33-year-old announced that he was starting his own club/restaurant which appears to be a brother branch of the Prestige Lifestyle Grand that is owned by his partner, Melba Lebese.  

Scroll through the gallery to see what Lebese’s new club looks like 

The much-anticipated debut for the Seventeen-Lifestyle Grand took place on Saturday 14th of May and this event hosted some of the biggest influencers in South Africa and upcoming music artists.  

Seventeen Lifestyle grand

The affair turned out to be a seemingly lavish place with everyone enjoying themselves in Lebese’s latest creation.  

In a recent post on Instagram, the free-agent not only showed some of his club’s best moments but also showed a full view of what the club looks like after keeping the lounge a secret until then.  

Being a business owner can be a difficult task but a packed crowd on opening day is a boost in the right direction.  

However, this is not the first, but the second business that Lebese has started in the lifestyle industry as took his love for style to a new extreme after announcing that he was starting his own fashion label called ‘Assets clothing’.  

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In fact, the clothing brand released their first batch of the Assets drip that launched on 22 February 2022.    

Did you know? 

In Europe, Cristiano Ronaldo, Jesse Lingard, Didier Drogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic also have their own fashion labels. 

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What do you think of Lebese’s club/restaurant? 

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