Royal AM's Dr. Shauwn Mkhize celebrates graduation in fancy mansion


Royal AM president and owner Dr. Shauwn Mkhize recently graduated and honoured with a doctorate, and the mansion where the glorious occasion was held is something worth seeing! 

Mansions are quite synonymous with high-net-worth individuals and families, as large acres of land are very much a symbol of wealth no matter who you ask. 

Dr. Mkhize is believed to have a massive mansion in La Lucia, a suburb located in the northern area of Durban, a region that looks like quite a tropical paradise. 

That particular mansion is featured on her reality show Kwa Mamkhize, but it appears that the AM owner could possibly have another one in the remote rural areas where she celebrated her graduation more recently. 

Scroll through the gallery above to see the beautiful mansion DR Mkhize celebrated her graduation at. 

The stunning house stands on the hills and has two double-door garages and an extensive front yard that is given lush detail with an elegant stone-like staircase. 

The massive three-story mansion also appears to have a large swimming pool and multiple balconies at almost every corner of the property. 

The acres of land on the outside are simply insane, as the property is hugely stretched from the back to the front, and to the sides too. The aerial view of the locations shows that the mansion is located in a countryside setting, and it is neighboured by much smaller houses and huts. 

Indoors it seems just as fascinating as its decor themes are white, gold, and a touch grey-ish.

Your thoughts, please?

With Royal AM sitting comfortably in the top half of the table, where do you see them finishing at the end of the season?