Dapper Fortune Makaringe brings back high fashion

Scroll through the gallery to see Makaringe's fash
Scroll through the gallery to see Makaringe's fashion flexes

When it comes to flexing on Instagram, Fortune Makaringe is perhaps up there with the most prolific of the lot and in light of that, we look at some of his new high fashion looks. Check it out! 

As one of the most stylish players in the local game today, the midfielder has a duty to uphold his reputation after serving us with some of the best drip in recent years.  

However, Makaringe does not dress up to impress his social media followers but also to maintain a good profile, with the 28-year-old seemingly taking up modelling in 2021. He was pictured wearing jewellery and a watch from a store called Langa Soleil.   

Scroll through the gallery above to see Makaringe's fashion flexes

High fashion flexes 

When it comes to style and fashion, it's known for football players to go out of their way to look the part, especially off the field but Makaringe takes it to a whole new level as he continues to impress. 

What makes the Orlando Pirates star unique is his ability to look good without needing the biggest brands that others perhaps need to look stylish.   

Makaringe’s thoughts 

The tough-tackling baller has recently joked that he is frustrated to not be invited to weddings so he can wear his new suits.  

“Since no one wants to invite me to their wedding… I’m starting to think of making my very own because I’ll end up “talking about the success I don’t even know about" merely because I’m wearing a suit when I should be going to the damn wedding.”  

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Did you know? 

Makaringe confessed that he drew footballing inspiration from Steve Lekoelea and Teko Modise, per Orlando Pirates’ official website. 

Your thoughts, please? 

What do you think of his latest looks?