Happy Jele & Jimmy Tau gush over Teko Modise

All images sourced from Modise's Instagram
All images sourced from Modise's Instagram

The legendary Teko Modise has once again reminded people how stylish he is after being seen with a fresh new suit to add to his collection. Check it out!

What Happened?

The former Orlando Pirates star’s career on the football pitch can only be described as majestic, as he simply floated around the pitch conducting his team tempo.   

Scroll through the gallery above to see Modise's fresh fits

What makes the local legend special is that he somehow managed to not only take this elegance into his new career venture but he also excelled to the point that he started setting trends. 

Nod of approval

Clothing attire is important to some South African footballers who are always aiming to be presentable off the pitch. 

In a recent post on Instagram, the retired baller showed his versatility with a fine blue suit as it seems that he has delved back into ‘grootman’ style. Jimmy Tau, Linda Mntambo and Happy Jele all gave their seal of approval. 

Not many can do what Modise does as he mixes his wardrobe up with some outfits representing street style while his other drip show a more Bohemian fashion style.  

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Obviously having an eye for what works is something that comes naturally to the 39-year-old.  

Modise has recently been spotted in England and Greece but it appears that he is suited up and ready for the 2022/23 DStv Premiership. 

Did you know? 

The retired footballer was one of the first players to venture into the fashion world by creating a label called Fashion Don in 2015 where he ran a competition for designers to submit their ideas online in the hope of winning a 12-month contract. 

Your thoughts, please? 

What do you think of Modise’s fashion fits?