Kaizer Chiefs legend Willard Katsande's would-be album cover


Week in, week out, Zimbabwean midfielder Willard Katsande draws the attention of many keen followers, and ‘Salt and Pepper’ has been appearing to be somewhat of a music artist lately. 

While accessories are a thing when it comes to photoshoots, the kind of item you choose tends to have something to do with the meaning message behind the picture. 

Scroll through the gallery above to see Willard Katsande’s accessorized photoshoots 

So, if you were to see an individual posing with a guitar, then there is very little fault in assuming that a musical endeavor is involved, right? 

Well, the former Kaizer Chiefs midfielder can be a perplexing character at times, however, that is probably one of the many reasons some of his fans have come to love him, as his mystifying approach to personal style and appearance cannot be questioned, but accepted. 

Before Katsande became a hit on social media, it could have been anyone’s guess that he would achieve such recognition for his lifestyle. In fact, it has been a demonstration of how well-versed the Sekhukhune United star is, thus leading us to loosely speculate that the man can in fact play the guitar. 

If he really does play it, it means one more thing to like about the charismatic Zimbabwean. If he can’t string along a good melody with it, then the instrument is just a matter of props for a photoshoot. 

Your thoughts, please? 

Where would you rank Willard Katsande among the DStv Premiership’s best midfielders of the last 10 years?