Kounde displaces Bellerin in the upper echelons of fashion

Jules Kounde
Jules Kounde

Given his esteemed status as arguably the most fashionable footballer in the world, Hector Bellerin seems to be facing stiff competition from his teammate Jules Kounde as FC Barcelona's best-dressed star. Here's a look.

The story

Bellerin has been widely lauded as a fashion icon in football. Reputable publications and fashion labels including The New York Times and H&M have acknowledged the player for his sensational style expertise, while he was also named among GQ magazine's Men of the Year 2022, per Marca.

The fashion outlet recognised the full-back for being "a different athlete, with his own personality," as well as having "a very marked style both on and off the pitch."

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However, it now appears that there is a new fashionista on the block gunning for his crown. Ironically, Kounde is also a right-back and having already kept Bellerin out of the Barca starting-11 on most occasions, he is also challenging the Spaniard in the wardrobe department. 

The France international boasts a very gutsy style, often incorporating famous pop culture trends into his attires. He also often draws inspiration from superheroes like Batman and other animated figures like the Funky Cops. the 23-year-old's matchday pictures when arriving at the stadium always catch the eye due to his bold choices about what he wears.

Kounde's drip cannot be confined to one category as it borders across various themes, such as vintage, streetwear, and couture.

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Your thoughts, please?

Who dresses better between Bellerin and Kounde?

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