Andile Mpisane's new classy R3m Mercedes Benz Maybach


As someone who is known to make big and bold moves, Andile Mpisane recently took to social media to show off his new classy Mercedes Benz Maybach GLS600 worth R3 million. Check it out! 

What happened?

The 20-year-old footballer/singer is known to be a lover of luxury cars and often flexes his multimillion collection of rides on social media, as well as his music videos.  

In November, Mpisane showed off two Mercedes Benz AMG’s in white and black that are valued at R3.3 million and it appears that the youngest chairman in the DStv Premiership has decided to expand his collection once again.  

Scroll through the gallery above to see Mpisane's latest ride

Stunning SUV 

According to cars.topauto, the eye-catching Mercedes-Maybach GLS600 SUV is believed to be worth R3 million, but why would it cost so much?  

First-class travel takes on a fine new form with the premiere of this ride. The standard-setting "S-Class of SUVs" is heightened with an exquisitely furnished, expansively indulgent cabin and a tapestry of luxury innovations, per the brand's official website.  

However, the most important aspect is that the motor was built for ultimate luxury and will definitely suit the spectacular lifestyle that the Royal AM boss lives.  

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Other rides in Mpisane’s car collection 

Along with the two aforementioned cars, the winger has a Mercedes G-Wagon he was gifted on his 16th birthday in 2017. He later followed that up with a BMW X5 and a Bentley Bentayga.   

Mpisane is often seen on social media with many other cars including a Lamborghini Urus, Huracan, Volkswagen Golf 7R and Nissan GTR, according to sarichandfamous 

Did you know?  

Mpisane's music career is seemingly a success as he has already gathered more than 400 000 views on Youtube for his songs. 

Your thoughts, please? 

What do you think of the stunning ride? 

Here is Mpisane’s multi-million car collection