Orlando Pirates legend Lucky Lekgwathi test-drives R1.6 million car


It appears that Orlando Pirates legend Lucky Lekgwathi has no time to relax, and the former Buccaneer captain recently had a date with the Jaguar F-Type to get to know it a little better! 

Commonly known as ‘Grootman’, Lekgwathi is definitely enjoying his post-professional football days. In that same vein, the former skipper is also quite familiar with conquering adversity, as his restaurant was unfortunately vandalised by looters during the violent unrest in certain parts of South Africa a few months back. However, Grootman is back in the driving seat, as he is named “Lucky” after all! 

Scroll through the gallery to see Lekgwathi testing out the Jaguar F-Type 

Lekgwathi recently linked up with Jaguar South Africa and Land Rover South African in Lonehill to test out the Jaguar F-Type coupe!  

According to Jaguar SA’s official website, the F-Type reaches a top speed of 285 km/h, with an acceleration of 0-100 km/h in just 4.6 seconds! It is priced from R1 638 300, and the car is a prime example of luxury and speed, all in one. 

It was seemed to be quite an adventure, Lekgwathi took the car through its paces, and drove around the track filled with cones to complete a delineated speed course. He was then joined by another former Pirates defender Abednego Netshodwe. 

“The experience is so amazing. It [car] is so balanced, and it can move! At some stage, I was thinking I am in an airplane. They said [the speed limit] is 120 km/h, but I wish I could do 200 km/h,” Legkwathi said about his experience. 

Your thoughts, please? 

Where would you rank Lekgwathi among Pirates’ greatest players of all-time?