The sportiest ride at Royal AM revealed

Images via Tebogo Potsane on Instagram
Images via Tebogo Potsane on Instagram

With a range of gorgeous rides in the DStv Premiership, we reckon only a few, if any, come close to stealing attention the way Royal AM star Tebogo Potsane's customised Volkswagen Polo does. Here's a closer look.

The story

Dropping a car's suspension and making the vehicle sporty is a common practice in many South African communities. In fact, in some regions including the Cape Flats in Cape Town, there are social clubs that exist purely for the purpose of modifying cars.

We have now identified an avid follower of this phenomenon in the form of AM winger, Potsane.

Scroll through the gallery above to see Potsane's dropped VW Polo

Augmented ride!

Although we're not sure if the 28-year-old bought the ride as it is today or whether he had it personalised after, it is clear that his hatchback definitely gets the eyes wherever it goes.

The ground-hugging toy seems to have gone through a number of modifications including the change of the rims from beadlock to a set of spiky carbon fiber wheels, which are understood to be slightly more expensive on the market as they are more costly to repair than steel and alloy wheels.

The visual enhancements also include a black fibreglass roof spoiler, which gives the car the intended aggressive look. The name "Amanda" can be seen on the right-hand side of the bumper, which is likely to be its name given that some drivers give their vehicles a unique title, especially if they customised.

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