Aces send Zuma packing


Club spokesman Thabo Moroape says that when Zuma reported late for camp a day before the league match against Witbank Spurs last week he appeared ‘high’ on drugs.

“What actually happened is that a day before the match against Spurs, Cyril requested that the coach give him a couple of hours off to attend to some personal business in Witbank. And with the trust that the coach has on players he let him go, but clearly stated to the player that he should report back at 6pm for camp as he was in the squad for the next day’s match.

“But Cyril only returned at 9 at night. When asked where he had been, he confessed that he had been taking ecstasy.

“He made this confession in front of several players. He also admitted to me that he had been taking drugs.”

Zuma is due to appear before the disciplinary committee on Monday, however Moroape says that will just be a mere formality as the player has already packed his bags and left.

“We had high hope for him when we brought him here but he has disappointed us along with Sipho [Nunens].

Zuma has a history of ill-discipline and going on drinking sprees. He has admitted to the media in the past that he did drugs and reported to training drunk.

But his latest line of disorder could spring the end of a career that shown promise when he picked up 29 caps with Amaglug-glug plus a substitute appearance for Bafana Bafana two years ago.

At one stage he was on the brink of signing for Moroka Swallows.

In October last year, reported that Aces’ assistant coach Dumisa Ngobe had thrown his weight behind ensuring that the Zuma, who has 29 youth youth international caps and a substitute appearance with Bafana Bafana, makes progress at his new club.

“Cyril is back, working hard at training, and I am sure that he has realised the error of his ways. He has his mind back on playing and is showing great attitude at training. “He’s a youngster and made mistakes but now he values his game and realises how much his disappearance has let him down,” Ngobe said at the time.

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