Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger congratulates north London derby victors Tottenham


Deli Alli opened the scoring at White Hart Lane ahead of a Harry Kane penalty, in a match where Arsenal chances were few and far between.

The addition of three points means that Spurs remained four points behind league leaders Chelsea, but also that they will finish above Arsenal in the Premier League for the first time in 22 years.

And while Wenger was disappointed with the loss, he played down the significance of Spurs' recent improvements, before prematurely walking out of his interview with Sky Sports.

After the game, he said: "Well done to them, but when you start a championship, the target is not to finish above Spurs - it's to win the championship.

"The biggest disappointment for us is to not be in the fight, at this period of the season, for the championship.

"In 20 years, it's happened once.

"Mathematically, it has to happen once and we are not happy with it, but we as well have to accept that we cannot compare ourselves to Spurs, it's compared to where we want to be and what we did.

"Let's fight until the end and not make conclusions to just compare to Spurs today."

He added: "They were sharper than us physically today and we had problems to play. We were a bit too restricted in our game. We didn't play with enough freedom, that favoured Spurs.

"At the moment, we are not completely back to the level of confidence that you need to play with freedom."