Bafana get security assurance


Prior to their arrival on Friday, there were fears of reprisal attacks on the contingent following the recent xenophobic attacks on foreigners, including Nigerians, in South Africa.

But Nigeria Football Association's Head of Security, Inspector Gideon Akinsola, told that extra measures had been taken to ensure that the visitors were kept safe.

"In the first place, they have nothing to worry about," Akinsola says. "They said they were expecting people to carry placards and so on, but nothing like that has happened.

"Nobody even noticed their arrival. Even when they changed hotels without informing us, they did not have any problems. But we had to move our security detail to the Transcorp Hilton when we discovered that was where they had moved to.

"We don’t expect any problems, but at the same time, we are not taking any chances."

Akinsola also pointed to the fact that the South Africans had not even been heckled by the fans during their training sessions.

"In this kind of situation, you would maybe expect the fans watching the training to abuse them, or say something about the violence in their country, but all the people who have come to watch them train have been very well behaved.

"That shows you the kind of people we have in our country."

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