We're trying to help our legends - Danny Jordaan


With many stories of former players struggling with life after retirement, Jordaan was asked about the involvement of SAFA in making sure this trend ends with current players.

"The issue starts with management of your finances as a player, it's not only a South African problem, it also affect many globally, we just need to keep on educating our players," Jordaan said.

"Being a footballer is not like any other career where you retire at 65, here you retire at mid-30s, hence each player needs to look at other options within the space and learn how to use their salaries wisely."

Jordaan went on, saying SAFA are already helping former players to make sure they stop living for the moment and start thinking beyond their careers.

"The only solution is advising them to look at coaching, management and also anything within football. It can be the business side of the game, we already have programmes that deal with such."

The SAFA boss was also asked about the Outsurance partnership that has created further tension between SAFA and the Premier Soccer League.

"The matter is currently in court, we will argue there and deal with it," he said. "We need to understand that in order to have more quality referees, you must have a development plan, which needs financial support."

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