Banyana trio settling in USA


“So far it’s been great for everybody,” Jinjana told “I’m adapting to life in the US, to the customs, to everything. The truth is that it's all been much easier than I thought.

“On my arrival I had to adapt but the people have helped me a lot and it’s true that if things are going good for you, like what’s happening to me, then everything is much easier.

Phewa, a tall, strong player, is impressed with FC Indiana’s sophisticated culture of physical preparation.

“Everything here is very professional; I have not seen anything like this anywhere in the world. The club has people who handle everything for the players. Everything starts and ends on time and training we get is exceptional.

“I think it's very important for me to win some titles and I have the chance here to win them,” says Phewa who previously played at Arsenal in England.

“I had some interesting offers, but the most important thing was that I talked to the coach, I talked to the people here and they were very interested. We have many chances to win titles here and that's what I want.

Mosebo says she is quickly adapting to a different way of playing.

“Here in the US football is more dynamic, quicker type of football with more shots at goal.

“That also goes for the intensity. In the US you don’t stop running and fighting. It’s the norm and if you don’t do that you can't play here.”

The three Banyana Banyana internationals are part of FC Indiana manager Shek Borkowski's philosophy of tapping into contemporary international women’s football that fits with his philosophy of football as a mixture of power, pace and precision."International players bring additional sophistication and technical ability to our squad.”

Specifically, Borkowski said he seeks technically strong internationals capable of holding their own in congested North American midfields.