Bax will retire rather than move to a new club


Bax has only played for Santos since his arrival in South Africa and is now into his eighth year with the club as he nears the twilight zone aged 35.

“I mean I have to be realistic with myself and there is little chance of me playing for another club. I don’t want to be putting my family through the strain of moving towns at my age. I have been at Santos for eight years and I can feel it in myself that this is home. My age also doesn’t augur too well for me to be changing clubs.”

While the former Mauritius international’s contract is running out in June, he is not spending time worrying about an extension.

“All that is going through my mind now is to finish this season without any injury and help the team to a respectable finish. I am now fit again and I want to have that feeling of enjoying my game again. But there remains a possibility that this one year extension that I signed now could be the last.

“There have not been any contract talks with management and I am not expecting any surprises,” he says, while giving a pessimistic feeling about taking up a coaching job at the club he has served so well.

“Coaching is an option that I have never considered and should it so happen that I stop playing, then I will go back to Mauritius. I didn’t plan to come and stay here forever,” he concludes.