Bright confident of lifting Santos


He says the Cape Town side has offered him the job of technical advisor/coach.

“For the period I have been there, I have been assessing the team and giving reports. I watched their game against Bloemfontein Celtic and prepared a report after the match,” he said.

Bright is a former Botswana national team coach and in his latest national assignment, he has achieved unprecedented success with the Under-23 side in a number of tournaments.

The Botswana Football Association (BFA) and Township Rollers have both been using his services but none offered him a contract. There has been a feeling that the BFA should keep Bright after his success with the Under-23 side but reports say his relationship with Rollers has been a stumbling block.

“I have always told people that I was only a consultant at Rollers and they did not believe me. Remember when I left the BDF, I made it clear that I wanted to be a farmer but I would be willing to help anyone who needed my expertise as a football coach. But that person or team would have to pay me good money. Now I have a career as a coach and I have to make a living out of it,” the former army officer told the Botswana media.

Bright says he has informed the BFA about the job offer in Cape Town.

“I showed the technical director Sikalame Keatlholetswe the job offer letter. But I would not say they did not need my services that much because they did not say it. Maybe they already have a plan for the Under-23,” he said.

He stated that it is good that in South Africa, he will be working in a professional set-up because the roles are clearly defined.

“The other thing is that I am happy to get an opportunity to help the development of football in southern Africa. As you know, the South African media covers most of Africa and that way, they give exposure to all those working in that country.”

He believes that Santos has a great future and is confident of helping them to greater heights.

“If you look at the Premiership log, the teams are just clustered; you win three games and you will be among the top four. I am obviously delighted that my hard work has attracted attention from such a big team as Santos with all its good history. As I told you, I was offered a job which makes me think that they believe in me,” he adds.