Bwalya's presidency bid gets support


Former Faz general secretary Paul Simukoko has backed Bwalya also cautioned Bwalya, who is based in South Africa, to re-design his campaign strategy taking into consideration his running mates.

“Some of the people surrounding him (Bwalya) will bring him down if he is not careful. He needs a team of managers who will tell him the truth.

“He needs technocrats in football, not hangers-on who will tell him what he wants to hear,” he said.

Simukoko said having worked briefly under the current FAZ executive committee, he believes Bwalya was the candidate for the top post.

“FAZ needs a president who is going to play an ambassadorial role for goodwill and resource mobilisation.

“I'm looking for a candidate with a profile that will open doors to Fifa and CAF and Kalu fits them all,” he said.

Simukoko said the current FAZ executive committee members behaved as if they were full time employees of the association.

“FAZ members should only appear if the GS wants to consult, not operating at the secretariat and even taking over the role of the GS in some case,” he added.

Simukoko said the notion that Bwalya was immature to run for the FAZ presidency having served only four years in an administrative post should not arise in the campaign trail.

“Maturity comes with time and experience. If we don’t give him chance now, when will it be? Kalu has enough exposure.”

Simukoko admitted Bwalya had his own flaws in running the game.

“I’m aware Kalu has his own weaknesses, who doesn’t?” he asked.

He also added that the fact that Bwalya is based in South Africa made him a good candidate for the FAZ position.

“There is no problem with Kalusha living in South Africa because the responsibility of running FAZ lies with the GS (general secretary). If the GS fails, he will fail on his own,” he said.