Bruce Ramokgadi discusses Orlando Pirates' CAF Champions League exit


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Ramokgadi, who was a member of the famous 1995 'Ezikamagebhula' side that won both the CAF Champions Cup (now Champions league) and CAF Super Cup in which he scored a goal, says a lack of experience also played a huge role in last Saturday's 2-0 loss to Horoya.

"Experience, experience... ja and they lack discipline," Ramokgadi tells

"They lack discipline on the field of play, that's where they lost it. Pirates at the moment they don't play as a team you see, they play as individuals. I see it you see, if one player is not performing, the others they just get scared as a team. They looked at who is going to do what, make a plan, and then there are those who don't want to take the responsibility.

"On Saturday obviously what they needed to do was score. They did create chances you see, that's why I'm saying it was only discipline that they lacked. They are also not mentally strong. Otherwise the difference between Pirates and [Mamelodi] Sundowns is only discipline on the field. That's why Sundowns were able to maintain the standard in the Champions League, even though they lost but they still qualified.

"Yes it's impossible they [Sundowns] finish empty-handed, unless other teams do them [Pirates] favours by beating Sundowns. But Sundowns they are a very disciplined team and they are consistent you see. It's not easy for them to lose games. 

"Our [1995 Bucs] team we had players with big hearts and discipline you see, so we knew what we wanted at that time. We wanted to win everything, our only loss was a draw you see, we made sure at home we win. And ours was very hard because because it was a knockout right through, there was no second chance. We played home and away, if you won away or lost away you still lose."

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