Patrice Motsepe pays tribute to Zola Mahobe, Natasha Tschiclas, Krok family


Motsepe achieved one of his biggest honours in football since taking over Sundowns from Tschiclas and the Krok family in 2003 when the team lifted the CAF Champions league trophy on Sunday.

Motsepe was on cloud nine at OR Tambo airport as The Brazilians returned home on Wednesday to huge celebrations with their supporters, who turned up in a sea of yellow to welcome home their heroes.

“There are people who owned Sundowns before I owned Sundowns and did very well. In humility, we need to thank them,” said Motsepe as he addressed the adoring crowd.

“You all did wonderful work before Motsepe got involved and we will always remember them because they laid the foundation.”

The mining magnate said his family got involved in football as a way of giving back to the community.

“We went to football as one of areas where we have a duty to give back [to the community] in a humble way. We went to football to say we were made as a family by what we are.

“There are various ways including education, including partnerships with religious organisations, including traditional leaders and various other things we need to do.

“That’s why today we must also remember the students who have challenges. We must say as South Africans we will support to help those poor students. There should be no poor South African students who cannot go to university because her or his parents have no money.

“So we must work together and re-commit ourselves to the future of all our people,” Motsepe concluded.