What you will find inside this informative 48-page supplement:

  1. Guest editor John ‘Shoes’ Moshoeu explains how he has kept fit all these years. The AmaZulu midfielder gives readers a typical week in the life of Shoes and how he prepares himself.

  2. Train just like the top players - leading physiotherapist at the Sports Science Institute in Cape Town, Theo Calligeris, takes you through a pre-seaosn programme armed with the best tips.

  3. Easy to follow - the training schedule is easy to understand and comes with a timetable and diagrams of the various exercises.

  4. Bafana coach – Carlos Alberto talks about his introduction to football as a fitness trainer and links it to his current job as a head coach.

  5. Safety tips – former star Tommy Madigage warns players of the dangers of playing with flu as he points to the time he collapsed on the field.

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