Chelsea set R400-millon price tag on Drogba


With Didier Drogba recently declaring that he sees his future in Milan or Barcelona, it appears that any club wishing to land him will have to fork out a hefty amount.

According to the Spanish sports website Roman Abramovich is not worried about Drogba’s want-away statements and is instead determined to get his money’s worth.

Barcelona were said to be less than enthusiastic over the prospect of signing yet another forward - particularly one who is about to be on the wrong side of 30 - and this hefty price tag will almost certainly put them off unless other players leave in summer.

This will disappoint Cameroonian forward Samuel Eto’o, who previously said, “It’d be no problem if he came here as he’s one of the world’s best. I’m a friend of his and I know that he’s always been interested in playing here.

“A side with Messi, Drogba, Henry and I in attack would be a super-team,” he added.